Our mission

Our Mission

Olympia aims at providing high quality products and tailored services with unbeatable prices while respecting the requirements and deadlines.

To remain at the forefront of innovation and technology and to continue to offer our customers the most competitive price, Olympia recently applied the concepts of “Lean Manufacturing” in its machining and manufacturing processes and strongly encourages the continuing training of its employees. These processes have reduced costs and production time while eliminating waste.

Management commitment

The staff and management of Olympia commit in improving the competitiveness and success of its customers and partners by providing high quality products to meet expectations, requirements and deadlines.

Customer care

Olympia is always listening to its customers and aims at identifying their needs to ensure their satisfaction as per ISO 9001:2008.

At the beginning of a project, Olympia gathers the required information for the project provided by the client. We assess the requirements of compliance and transmit this information to our operations team.
At the end of the project, Olympia invites customers to share their comments with quality surveys.

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