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Since 1972, Olympia made many major projects in machining and fabrication of heavy parts and the complete integration of assemblies. Olympia has a solid experience in the mining, rail and power generation sectors.

Olympia provides many quality services at a competitive price suited to your needs.

With numerous equipments and facilities such as 5 axis CNC machining, Olympia has a large production capacity in its 40 000 ft2 lot, and can manipulate up to 70 000lbs.

Olympia and its team act within the scope of their strategic mission and core values set out in our Code of Conduct. Employees, senior management and the President are consistent with the spirit and principles.

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Our services

Olympia with over 20 CNC machines, and a lifting fabrication capacity of 70 000lbs, we can carry out your needs.

Olympia today enjoys an excellent expertise in machining and manufacturing and provides the following services.

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Heavy parts

Our expertise

The machining and fabrication industry is booming and Olympia is recognized as a leader on the market thanks to the compliance with requirements and deadlines.

Our experience and our equipments have allowed us to develop the following 4 types of expertise.

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3 axis machining
5 axis machining